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The first person to kayak Australia’s longest river upstream.
Kayaking 2,520km against the flow and summiting Mt. Kosciuszko.


Chris has launched many businesses over the years including a unique coffee brand and product, a digital and guerrilla marketing agency among others

Life Coaching

Through Chris’s eclectic ventures and diverse life experience, he is able to assist with solving some of lifes issues and enabling change.

Hi, I’m Chris

Chris is a young and passionate man that didn’t wait until adventure and challenges found him. In his formative years he began seeking out experiences, knowledge and wisdom through the Australian bush, outback, professional expeditions, entrepreneurial businesses and role models in local communities.

In 2015 he embarked on a Sea to Source to Summit Expedition raising funds for charity. He became the first in history to ascend Australia’s longest river, kayaking solo 2,200km against the flow and hiking 385km through the Australian Alps. Spending over 5 months living and surviving in the Australian bush.

Chris is a strong believer in self-development, awareness, education and Australian values of ‘mateship’. His proactive approach gives confidence, clarity, motivation and meaning to your goals. Don’t fall short of your ambitions; enlist a life coach that will get you there.

Q1. Why should I sign up with Chris?

Why not?
You want Change. Improvement. Growth.
Come with me my friend, we are going to work together to get you where you want to be.

Q2. How is Adventure Coaching different from the rest?

By going into the wild, you are free from distraction. Out of your comfort zone and immersed in nature. We’ll work closely together on knocking down those barriers preventing you from getting to where you want to go.
Just a few days in nature also has many health benefits such as resetting your body clock.

Q3. What's different about Chris and his approach?

Chris has a diverse life experience and has been through good, bad and ugly.
He has also achieved some challenging feats that no one else before has ever achieved.
Chris brings a unique approach to life coaching based on these experiences.

Coaching packages

Email Solution

  • Coaching solutions through a 1000 email.
  • Professional coaching, expert advice and guidance in writing.
  • I will give you an email solution. The email will be roughly 1000 words brief, concise, content rich and solution driven.

One on One Chat

  • Coaching Solutions through a chat
  • Millions of people love a chat, why not have a constructive one.
  • Have a chat about whatever you have in mind, you can share files, links or just tell me what’s on your mind and I will give you feedback and solutions.

Adventure Coaching

  • Come with me on an adventure!
  • 3 days of kayaking on the beautiful Murray River.
  • Get out of your comfort zone, break down barriers and kick start change and growth.
  • Get back to nature, relax and reset.
  • All equipment and food provided

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